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Hasselblad X1D-50c

Create To Inspire

Handmade in Sweden, the X1D combines Scandinavian sensibility with beautiful performance. Small enough to take anywhere, powerful enough to capture anything.

This is X1D

At less than half the weight of a conventional digital medium format camera, the mirrorless X1D is a game changer in the world of photography.

Inspired by our iconic design heritage, the camera is ergonomic and compact, offering a handling experience unlike any other.

High-Resolution LCD

The X1D’s high-resolution rear LCD offers touch control for all aspects of the camera’s features. The elegant icon-based user interface speeds access to customisation options along with intuitive playback functions such as swipe and pinch to zoom. The camera also boasts a 2.4 MP electronic viewfinder for bright, crisp viewing even under difficult lighting conditions.

Wider View

By opting for a mirrorless design, we were able to take our 50MP CMOS sensor and pack it into a footprint smaller than most full frame 35mm cameras. For the very first time, photographers have a camera that is no larger than a small format rangefinder, but offers the quality that only Hasselblad medium format can give.

New Lens Range

To enhance the entirely new camera design we have produced a new range of autofocus lenses specifically engineered to match the high resolution capability of the X1D. The superb new XCD lenses deliver edge-to-edge sharpness in a compact form to elegantly match the slim build of the body. Existing H System users also have the flexibility to use their existing lenses with the X1D by the way of an optional adapter.


Our powerful, free image processing software, which already delivers the best quality RAW file processing, has been updated and expanded with new features that work seamlessly with the X1D. You can also preview your RAW video files and export to Apple ProRes format for use in any popular desktop editing software. In addition, it is Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® compatible.

X1D Gallery

Selected photographers were given an assignment to shoot images that inspired them and embraced the following concepts: simplicity, design, optical quality and accessibility.


Since the beginning Hasselblad cameras were born from a love for photography and the desire of a man to give photographers the technical excellence needed to realise their creative vision. That man was Victor Hasselblad.

For seventy five years now, Hasselblad has been devoted to a very simple task: to produce the finest camera equipment known to man. And for over seventy years, we have succeeded in doing just that. In making the tools that will enable us to live up to the Hasselblad brand proposition, “Create To Inspire”.

© Copyright. All images on this site and their copyrights are owned by the photographers. Images are not to be reprinted or reused without the express permission of the photographer who took them.

Hasselblad X1D-50c Features

  • 50MP CMOS SENSOR: The 44 x 33mm chip offers a considerable improvement in image capture quality compared with full frame and other smaller sensor formats. To allow photographers using this sensor to extract the maximum image quality available the sensor is capable of delivering up to 14 stops of dynamic range.
  • HASSELBLAD X SYSTEM LENS RANGE: The Hasselblad XCD lenses are some of the finest optics available on the market today. These lenses, which are all designed in Sweden, have all gone through a stringent development, testing and production process to ensure they satisfy the demands of high end mirrorless digital capture, and high resolutions sensors
  • Dual Card Slots: The X1D has dual SD media card slots to maximize storage options and flexibility.
  • USB 3.0 Type-C Connector: A USB 3.0 Type-C connector allows the user to connect to their chosen computer system without the need to use an adapter. It also delivers very fast transfer rates of more than five times that of Firewire, ensuring tethered liveview or stills capture is an experience to be enjoyed.
  • Mini HDMI Audio I/O ports: The addition of a mini HDMI port along with the associated Input/Output ports enables videographers to display the video feed on a larger external monitor for audio and video files.
  • Wi-Fi GPS: Wi-Fi is included as standard supporting b,g,n and ac standards on both 2.4 and 5Ghz where permitted. This allows previews of the captured images to be viewed on an iOS device along with remote camera control and a 30fps liveview feed. GPS is also included as a standard feature enabling geotagging of your images at capture.
  • High Resolution Rear Touch Display: The 3.0" rear display boasts touch capability along with user customization options including assigning nine favorite functions to touch buttons. The resolution is 920K dots and the image display performance delivers clear, color accurate image reviews and high performance Liveview.
  • High Resolution Electronic Viewfinder: The X1D is equipped with a 2.36MP electronic viewfinder. The display has a fast refresh rate, wide contrast range (230:1) and 24-bit color output delivering a crisp, accurate representation of the capture area.
  • HD VIDEO CAPTURE: The X1D is capable of capturing HD (2K) video at 25 fps. You are able to export your movie captures as H.264 files (Mpeg) and play them back in Phocus 3.1 or other compatible software. Coupled with the HDMI and audio facilities on the new camera, the capture of high quality video output is simplicity itself
  • PHOCUS 3.1: The simplest way of processing your Hasselblad RAW files, ensuring the best corrections and extraction of the finest detail possible.
  • DIGITAL LENS CORRECTION: Hasselblad's modern lens design has been optimized for digital perfection, including full automatic correction for chromatic aberration, distortion and vignetting. Phocus calculates the optical corrections for every shot at the given distance and aperture setting, providing perfect images.