May 03, 2017 848

Relive Your Moments

Khang and I have been together for almost 7.5 years and during this time, have been fortunate enough to visit 15 different states and 6 different countries. Our common love for traveling has definitely increased exponentially over time and we absolutely enjoy every minute of it! Khang is more into capturing photos when we travel, especially of his food so that he can reminisce what all went into his belly once we return back home.  

In the past, we would end up with tons and tons of photos, which were a nice reminder of our adventure but somehow I didn't feel satisfied. With this digital age, the photos would end up on a hard drive or the mysterious cloud and wouldn't get to see the light of day unless you actually make an effort to pull them out. Sharing with family and friends was also challenging because let's face it, no one wants to see that many photos of someone else's vacation. As a result of all this, we wanted to do something new and decided to make our very first travel video in 2014. We used a small camera that Khang won from work and for the most part, it did a pretty good job. We loved how engaging a video was because in just a few minutes, we were able to relive our entire vacation all over again. On top of that, it was so easy to share with anyone who was interested by giving them a link to our uploaded production. Unfortunately, the camera had an encounter with the ocean water and refused to turn on afterwards. Perhaps things happen for a reason because after this incident, we decided to invest in a better camera and in came our first SONY purchase, RX100 III. 

We agreed that we wanted something that gives us quality footage yet be small, light weight, and overall convenient in a way that wouldn't affect us from enjoying our vacation. I don't think it gets anymore compact than a camera that can fit in a pocket and ready to do its job at any moment in time.  The autofocus is superb and ensures that we never miss out, especially on our more active trips. This small but powerful camera has made a wonderful addition into our adventures and has helped us capture many beautiful memories along the way, in both photo and video form. Switching back and forth between the two modes is very easy so both people are happy.  The immediate upload to our smartphones is also super convenient to share with our loved ones. Photo sharing and instagram posts can happen in seconds and make it easy for us to continue to build our #khanguyetadventures collection on "the gram." 

This little camera has been extremely reliable to us. It was there on our sweet day on the cliffs of San Diego as Khang popped the big question. 

He even managed to secure the camera on a tripod to capture everything in real time without me realizing it was more than a sunset photo. 

It has continued to accompany us across many state lines and has been present at many family gatherings and quality time with friends. 

We've upgraded since our first purchase for the added functions and capabilities but have stuck with the RX100 family. We're currently on the RX100 V and have grown to love it more and more as we learn its features.  Can't wait to make vacation highlight videos in 4K!

As we approach the next chapter of our lives, we look forward to many more adventures with each other.  We're not sure when or where it will take place, but we are certain that our camera will continue to capture beautiful memories that will allow us to relive our moments, whenever we choose to.  We are still in awe over what an amazing job it did for our most recent trip to Europe.  Thank you, Sony!