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What should be the distance between two fans in one room?

The performance of a ceiling fan is dependent on various factors such as the dimensions of the room, including length, width, and the height. It also depends on the distances between ceiling, fan, and the floor. Apart from these, the technical and dimensional aspects of a ceiling fan are responsible for the performance. Here, in this article, we will confine ourselves to the dimension factor of a room.

If a room is large enough such that it requires two fans for effective circulation of air, how should you install them in the room? The optimum placement is necessary for an efficient performance.

Why do you need two fans in a single room?

If the size of the room is large, you should consider installing two ceiling fans in the room. If we talk about particular sizes, the room should be larger than 20’ × 15’. Although you can place two fans in a room of lesser dimensions, it is advised to install only if it exceeds the aforementioned limits.

The height of the ceiling is another instance. When the height of the ceiling exceeds 15 feet, you can consider installing two ceiling fans in a single room. This will facilitate better circulation of air. However, you can install a single fan with large blades but it will not be as efficient as two fans operating simultaneously in a single room.

Optimum Distance between two Ceiling Fans in a Room

Our main aim while installing the fan is a uniform distribution of air. Moreover, the interiors should look decent. Hence, we need to abide by certain parameters while installing the fan. We need to rely on some mathematical calculations to find the exact position of the ceiling fans.

Consider you are installing ceiling fans in a room-sized 20’ × 15’. For the calculations, we will take the longer side in consideration. So here, it will be 20 feet. Now, you divide the length into four equal parts.

20 feet = 20/4 = 5 feet

Each part will be equal to 5 feet. These parts will divide the ceiling into four partitions. Now, to install a ceiling fan, consider two partitions on the same side. The center of the fan will be on the line dividing the two partitions.

Similarly, place the other fan on the line between two partitions on the same side. Now, you can see that you have installed the fan at particular points. Each of these points is equidistant from the adjacent wall.

When you look from down, you will notice the fans forms a mirror image, if the center is considered as the mirror line. This confirms that you have placed the fan at optimum distances.

In the process, don’t forget the shorter side. You have to analyze the points in accordance with the shorter side as well. For example, here, the shorter side is 15 feet. Hence, you should ensure that the points are plotted at the middle section of the shorter side. In this case, it will be 7.5 feet.

The main consideration is that you need to divide the longer side into four parts. Mark the points between two parts on each side. The points should be in the middle of the shorter side. Now, install the fans at these points.