May 27, 2017 5

That Disastrous Smile

Basically, I was traveling to explore the wonders of India with my mother and sister. Malaysian Punjabis’ usually go to India for some vital purposes like wedding preparation or religious prayers. As I was busy exploring the East India ,Bihar; in the midst of buying beautiful sarees, I noticed a lady working by the road collecting sacks of soil and transporting them onto a lorry. Apart from that, Bihar is a common platform for flash floods to occur. Out of a sudden, as she was busy collecting soil, she actually smell and smile reminiscing her past tragedies. I quickly dispatch myself from my mother and curiously approaches to the woman. I asked her on the cause of her smiling in Hindi language. She proudly said:

I’m thankful to God because I escaped the flash flood and giving me another chance to survive. On that basis, I appreciate the soil as providing me the choice of standing on my feet even though life goes like a rollercoaster every single time. The Bihar Government state have decided to refurnish the damaged homes so that we could shelter ourselves.

I was stunned on her words, I must say, Marvelous, such humanitarian spirit is difficult to obtain and to cultivate in nowadays adults and younger generation perception. She was being administered and diagnosed with medications in order to avoid falling into jaws of illness. The Bihar state medical team even offered some food and free medical service to some women and men working there.