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NATIVE UNION is an award-winning product design company bringing a unique and sophisticated perspective to the mobile accessories market.

Founded in 2009 by John Brunner and Igor Duc, NATIVE UNION creates tech accessories with inherent warmth, personality and individuality through our dedication to sophisticated design, innovative materials and an obsession with details.

NATIVE UNION was born out of a shared passion for good design and well-made products. Disenchanted by the nondescript, mass produced plastic that filled the mobile accessories market, John and Igor set out to offer a stylish alternative for the modern individual. NATIVE UNION combines the finest materials, functional design, and considered details to create products with personality, that enhance the way you live with your tech. 

We stand against the soulless plastic designs too long associated with tech accessories. Our products aspire for more through quality design that is built to last, and small but thoughtful details that make a big difference. Our designs are stripped back to the essentials for a sleek and minimal form.

NATIVE UNION accessories are first and foremost designed to be functional and improve user experience. They’ll make your life that little bit easier and help you get the most out of your devices, while looking great too. 

Our materials are often surprising but always honest. Whether its the finest marble, Argentinian leather, handcrafted wood or brushed metal, our materials give each product its timeless and distinctive appeal. They elevate them from a tech accessory to a design object to treasure.

We pride ourselves on designing every product in-house. Our award-winning design team is headed up by French born Fabien Nauroy who is motivated by three main principles: user experience, innovation through materials, and attention to detail. By staying true to these values and looking to other industries for inspiration, NATIVE UNION always delivers original and useful tech accessories. 

NATIVE UNION’s in-house design team also focuses on these 3 main principles: enhanced user experiences, innovation through design and a dedication to using the highest quality materials. Garnering considerable critical acclaim from the design community, NATIVE UNION has offices in Los Angeles and Hong Kong with product available in the finest retailers across the world.

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