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Error “QuickBooks Search not working  on this Computer“ Fixed

QuickBooks app and desktop have multiple features which help from, the person can reduce their efforts which that use into managing their bookkeeping task at daily bases as well as the person check other feature that is called "QuickBooks Search Feature" the person can use for client, any transaction, company file, and other anything can do what the person keeps desire for related QuickBooks search. But sometimes, many users have to be faced the error QuickBooks search not working and that is the major issue.

Reasons behind QuickBooks search not working :

1. Sometimes, it may be due to updating the application of QuickBooks Desktop. It means the process of updates is installed not in a proper way while its download.

2. It may be due to the error of registry with your PC Windows.

3. It may be due to interruption the firewall of Windows or a third party of QuickBooks.

4. It may be due to the file of SearchIndex are damaged from QuickBooks.

Ways to resolve the error of QuickBooks search not working:

Many users face QuickBooks search not working error and after seeing this error they have to be needed to resolve it. But some users can fix it or taking help from the technical master but some users are not able to reach them due to any reason. If you need to guidance steps for fixing your QuickBooks not working error so here we listed some easy and useful points for solving your error. You need to follow it carefully and apply exactly.

Method 1:

1. Go to the QuickBooks app and desktop then, open it.

2. After, click on exit option for come out from the company file.

3. Go on the Windows icon which is given at the bottom left of the button of Windows icon is already given on the keyboard please press that for opening Windows file.

4. When the Window will open there you will see a search box.

5. When you will reach there please type there "SearchIndex in the Search Programs and Files.

6. Push the enter button key, the Windows will reach you to C:\Users\UserName\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company File\Companyfilename.QBW folder.

7. Now find the folder of qbw.SearchIndex.

8. When will get please type there OLD at the folder's end

9. Open the app of QuickBooks or on any browser Windows and there you will get company file option when you will get, please press for that’s opening.

10. Go to the left corner Windows side at the top and press on Search/Magnified Glass icon.

11. Now, go on the panel of the left side and press on Update Search Information.

12. Once you will complete the above task and updating process will start then please wait for its notification.

13. When it will get, press on OK.

14. After completing the process, please try again to use the option of the search feature and check that is working now or still showing QuickBooks Search not working error?

We hope these easy points will work for you to resolve the error of QuickBooks search not working.

If you are still facing the same error of QuickBooks Search not working after applying above the steps then you need to follow our other solution points after applying you can get relief from QuickBooks search not working error easily.

Method 2: Close the protection of Firewall

1. Close your protection firewall application for doing it's close you have to go on Control Panel Window and from there you have to turn off the firewall protection application.

2. After, you have to try to open your QuickBooks and check the option of the search feature.

3. If you are using a third-party protection firewall, so you have to go its manufacturer's website and after, you have to find its guidance for its turning off.

QuickBooks Support Experts Help

If you are seeing the same error of QuickBooks search not working and your all efforts are failed after using above all guidance. So make sure at this time you need to take help from QuickBooks Support Experts Help. For making contact with the experts you have to need to do call on QuickBooks Support Helpline Phone Number. Don’t worry it is toll-free service and you can make a call at their contact phone number anytime as you wish.