Jun 27, 2017 16

Chasing the Light in London

Although I'm using Sony mirrorless Cameras since 5 years, it was my first field test for the Sony A7Rii. I have heard a lot of appreciation about the image quality and dynamic range capabilities in this camera, and the time has come for me to test the magic myself during my trip to London.


After taking just few shots, it was obvious that I'm dealing with a Dynamic Range monster. This camera doesn't let any light range without being captured. Dealing with shades and highlights was very easy (and joyful) with that sensor. Hats off Sony.

Before the A7Rii, I used to capturing multiple exposures for the scenes and merging them into a "High Dynamic Range" file, known as HDR. I do that usually to capture all the light levels in one file. But now, I rarely do that. The Camera simply provides a RAW image FULL OF LIGHT information that is usually sufficient for the final production using just a single exposure. 

So I decided to keep enjoying the camera in different lighting conditions. From harsh shadows in daylight to the artificial lighting in dark skies. Whether in good lighting conditions or not, the camera continued to impress me in almost every shot.

At that moment, I realized that I don't need to keep worrying about camera's dynamic range anymore, she is already handling it perfectly. I just kept taking care of composing nice scenes and enjoying every moment. 

I even went past chasing lights and enjoyed the fast and accurate focusing system. I have captured few street shots for People interacting with the unique London environment. And the Camera has continued delivering top notch performance.