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What Are Trending Now On Shopify Sites

Shopify is one of the most preferred ecommerce platforms for a large number of successful online businesses. Based on market research and insights regarding user experience, the web designing trends are constantly evolving. If you do not stay up-to-date with the current trends, you are only losing out traffic to your site and hence risking sales and profits. Here are the recent trends in Shopify designing you will have to know while hiring a Shopify web developer.

Variable fonts

Variable fonts enable customizing characters width to suit different screen sizes. With variable fonts, you can adjust the text grade, line length and the optical size of the characters to ensure better readability and to meet the needs of people with lower vision.

Creative layouts

A majority of people access the internet with the help of browsers that can support CSS grid and other layout specific properties like Flexbox. Hence nowadays we see writing-mode and CSS shapes becoming more popular. Creative layouts make the best use of design concepts such as overlap and vertical whitespace. Nevertheless they are dynamic enough to fall back to a layout that is feasible on older type of browsers.

Web virtual reality

VR features help reduce the number of hurdles for the users to benefit from what they build. When the need to install software is ruled out, the users have to only worry about putting on the headset and nothing more. When it is evolved for a specific platform, it can work well on new platforms as well that are in fact out of the box. This makes it easy to accommodate the rapid progression of the VR hardware.

Sustainable designs

Studies show that the internet is accounts for more than 10 percent of the world’s total energy consumption. The environmental impact of this condition is said to be 50% more than that of the airline industry. Hence experts and environmentalists are exploring ways to bring this down. Some of the ways to do this are helping the users access the content they need quickly, providing them inclusive and efficient experience upon arrival, and hosting the digital services and products on renewable energy.

Design systems

Design experts say that the design systems will continue to be the essential vehicles for creating great digital work. Today, the digital teams have the task of creating more products, services and features that have to address more devices and environments that before. Design systems help collect the knowledge of the institution in order for the different product teams and different disciplines to work in the same wavelength to produce quality work quickly.

Voice user interfaces

With the screens getting smaller and disappearing in many cases, designers have to now focus on implementing a non-visual skill set. The user interface designers of tomorrow will have to focus more on the ways to build great voice powered interfaces. Though time consuming for the designers to develop, voice experiences help sae time. With these tools, the designers can solve the problems of the users quickly.

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