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What is dry type transformer?

Vajra provides a full range of dry-type transformers with primary voltages through 72.5 KV built as per all major standards. Because of the availability of wide ranges of dry-type transformers, Vajra is considered as one of the top 40kVA dry type transformer manufacturer, 60 kVA dry type transformer manufacturer and 1000 kVA dry type transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad. All these types of dry-type transformers are used to reduce environmental contamination and fire hazards. Customers are also choosing this type of dry type transformer more frequently. As one of the top dry-type transformer manufacturers the dry type transformers manufactured by us can meet the strict parameters of the demands of electrical systems and function in different areas with extreme conditions. There is no need to maintain as well as service the dry type transformers developed by the dry type transformer manufacturers of Vajra.

Our dry types of transformers provide high levels and high quality of reliability and safety. They have also low flammability so that ideally suited for critical applications. These are best-in-class dry-type transformers in the market dedicated to enhancing your investment through reliable performance and a long period of service life. For all these reasons, Vajra is considered as the leading transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad.

There are no use of any insulating liquid in the dry type transformer where it’s winding with core be immerged. The dry type transformer manufacturer keeps the core winding within a sealed tank, which is pressurized with air.

Type of Dry Type Transformer

Generally, dry type transformer is of two types. Those are

1. Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer ( CRT)

2. Vacuum pressure Impregnated Transformer ( VPI)

Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer ( CRT)

Dry-type transformer manufacturer developed the transformers with some featured advantages. Those are-

1. Good overload capacity.

2. Low level of discharging along with low loss. Hence the efficiency of the transformer is very good.

3. Since it is with non-inflammable winding insulation, it provides no risk to fire hazard. So it is better for indoor installation.

4. These types of transformers can be fitted outdoor in IP 45 enclosure.

5. And non-hygroscopic.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Transformer (VPI)

This type of dry-type transformer manufacturer developed the transformers having these advantages.

1. High mechanical strength.

2. Void free insulation.

3. No temperature fluctuation.

4. Easy maintenance.

5. Less prone to fire hazard.

The main benefits of dry-type transformer manufactured by dry type transformer manufacturer of Vajra are given below.

• Safety for people and property.

• Maintenance and pollution-free solution.

• Easy installation & maintenance.

• Side clearance is very less.

• Environmentally friendly.

• Excellent capacity to support overloads.

• Reduced cost on civil installation works as well as fire protection systems.

• In the case of seismic events, excellent performance.

• No fire hazard.

• Excellent resistance against short circuit currents.

• Long-lasting because of low thermal and dielectric heating.

• Suited for damp as well as contaminated areas.

we have considered all these critical points while manufacturing dry type transformer and becoming one of the top transformer dealers in Hyderabad.

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