Dec 17, 2015 110

A recent journey to Earthfire Institute

Nima, the white bison, was given to Earthfire Institute as a gift from a Native American pipe carrier. At three years old she is beginning to come into her wisdom.

Bluebell was orphaned at a game farm that didn't want to raise her. Alone for a year after losing her companion Rosebud, she took it upon herself to bond with humans as her herd and now demands energy healing from any human who visits (energy healing being a human version of a connection between herd members). I have walked with these bison, placed my hands through their thick hide and felt their healing powers. It's an experience like no other. 

Faerytale the female coyote.

Faerytale the coyote came to Earthfire with what looks a lot like PTSD in a human. She has faced her fears with exemplary courage and has connected with hurting humans in a way that helps them heal too. 

Foxie Moxie Whitefoot

Foxie Moxie came from a fur farm. Seeing her beauty and exuberant joy in being alive brings home the choice between fur and life and speaks in her way for other animals in fur farms.

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