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Custom Web Development services for best online results

Web development, also known as website development, is a service or the skill of developing a website to function on the World Wide Web. These skills can be used to develop a simple web page with normal text as well as a website with integrated links and complex designs.

As such, custom website development services may come in form of various packages. This means a specific package may include only creating of the website or it may include creation as well as maintenance of the website. Making a custom website generally includes tasks like web design, web content, web engineering, server management, security feature implementation, and much more. The custom website development services package that you opt for may include one or more services from the list.

Toffee global is one of the few companies that offers custom web development services in India, which includes developing a content management system, i.e. CMS. Website development uses various open source languages like BerkeleyDB, GlassFish, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack and Perl/Plack depending on the content and data required. Being one out of the only website development company in Gwalior to offer custom web development services in India. Toffee global assures you quality in their work, with at least one executive always available to assist you with any queries that may arise due to a technical issue.

Web developers are responsible for not just website development but also to develop various applications and services integrated with the website. These services were earlier offered only for desktop computers but today web development technology has reached a point where the website and the services are offered over a smartphone also. Even with various software in the market for web development, it is a tedious task to develop the applications required for accessing the services of a website.

Toffee global ensures 24x7 support and an uninterrupted uptime for your website with our servers. Their team of web developers is skilled and experienced to handle all sorts of web content, regardless of the complexity you may anticipate in integration