Aug 29, 2017 2

And so it begins...

Today marks the public beginning of our brand - MING - and our first watch - the 17.01. It's the end of a two year journey, or we hope the beginning of one even longer. Though almost all members of the team have been involved in the creation of one or more custom watches, it's quite something else to see the first hundred pieces arrive in stock and ticking. There have been challenges and unexpected speed bumps, and I must thank the team and our partners for simply digging deeper and pulling harder every time.

We set out to make an honest watch that we ourselves would enjoy, and continue to enjoy - nothing less and nothing more. And despite living and breathing it on a daily basis for the last year - we still look forward to strapping on our 17.01s in the morning. Is this the best watch we can or will make? I want to believe that answer is that we will continue to improve and push; our investors also believe it as we have another three watches in the late engineering or early prototyping stages, and a further five in various stages of design, including silicon escapements, high depth ratings, long power reserves and various finishes never before seen...

17.01 is our foundation, but will remain exclusive and elusive with just 150 pieces of each dial color to be produced. Join us on the journey! You can follow us for updates @mingwatches on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook