May 19, 2017 121

Red Rocks Rock Climbing

After babying the camera (I did buy it for list price) for a few years, I started to relax and take it out to much rougher terrain.  To get to the cliff where this shot took place I had to climb up another cliff to it - we lost the trail and decided to just go straight up - it was the wrong idea.    As I was climbing precariously with a backpack full of equipment and the camera in its own bag that was just slung over my neck, it got dinged a few times as I was using my death grip to try and not fall off the slab - wasn't exactly the time to think about caring for delicate cameras.  I breathed a sigh of relief when we got to the base, and when when we were  warm-up climb I decided to do a flag and my friend caught it with perfect exposure.