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Beginners Guide to Betting Online Horse Racing

Horse racing betting is a time-honored gambling tradition - but with the birth of the internet, traditional ways of horse racing wagering have been thrown out the betting window. Here's how horse racing has hit the web big time - and how you can place your bets without ever setting foot at the track!

Horse Racing Around the World

If you're used to just betting at your local track, an online horse racing betting site will be a shocker - when you spot horse racing results from all the big horse racing tracks across the U.S.A. - and in some cases, even in places like Australia and England! What this means is that almost always there's a real race with live horse racing somewhere - and a real track that's open for business. Generally, a reputable site will give you the full track horse racing odds for your bets.

Horse Racing Bonuses, Rebates and Other Goodies

You can also expect from the bigger, better online horse racing sites such inducements as a first bet bonus (read the fine print! You may have to gamble many times to get that money - and your initial deposit - out!) and a regular rebate on your total bets after a certain amount or time period. Look for other special promotions, such as refer-a-friend bonuses, that can give you more free money with which to wager.

Online Horse Racing - Who Needs Real Tracks?

If you want to really go beyond the mundane reality of horse racing, there's a whole other world of virtual horse racing out there. There are plenty of sites like Betbubbles that offer a virtual derby to bet on - although there may be a horse racing software download involved. The advantage of these online horse racing games, however, is that you can often bet for fun without any real money involved.

Online Horse Racing - Who Needs Real Horses?

The online horse racing world can get even more complicated and intense, if you're up for it. There are many websites that allow you to buy and "train" your own virtual racehorses - and race them in other virtual horse racing. Like Rotisserie Baseball or other online fantasy sports leagues, this makes you feel like you're a mover and shaker in the sport as you raise your own internet thoroughbred - without the expense and effort of the real thing.

Online Horse Racing Odds and Ends

Online horse racing also usually features the traditional betting options at a real track (Win, Place and Show) as well as such favorites as the Daily Double, the Trifecta, the Exacta, etc. You'll also get the lowdown on horse racing handicapping systems. If you're new to betting on horse racing, most sites will gladly give you the basic information you need to get started - nothing they like better than a gambler who doesn't quite know what he's doing yet! They will also provide you with a history of horse racing, a list of horse racing terms and tips, so when you run across a "blanket finish," you don't think the horse went to bed!

Pick a Winner With Online Horse Racing

As you can tell just from this short rundown, online horse racing is packed with lots of options and fun ways to put your money down. So go ahead and play the ponies with your computer mouse. Here's hoping you pick a winner!