Aug 20, 2018 2

Top Signs You Should Be Replacing the UPS System

Installing a UPS system normally comes with the question of how long it actually lasts. Even when you purchase industrial UPS systems, you can only get a rough estimate of the system’s lifespan but you would not really be able to get a proper detailed specification of the signs that you need to be wary about in order to get an idea that it may be the right time to replace it.

Pre-Buying Planning

Believe it or not, the lifespan of your UPS system is greatly affected by your purchase decisions. The functionality of your UPS system will vary depending on the situations and criteria that you set before choosing a UPS system. Here are a few important questions that you need to ask yourself so you can filter out the right UPS system to use.

  • In what kind of environment will the UPS system be installed in?
  • Am I looking for a change in my current load in a few years?
  • Is it important for me to consider energy efficiency?
  • What are my requirements during uptime?

Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining UPS system may vary depending on their specifications. There are UPS systems that may be affordable during the first time they are bought but you could be locking in with high maintenance costs.

You should also take note that as your UPS system ages, it may require more maintenance. The battery will wear out and the whole performance efficiency will be affected. If you start noticing that the maintenance costs have become impractically expensive, it might be a better idea to totally replace the UPS system because that would be a money-saving investment in the long run.

Critical Loads

There are many UPS systems designed to offer protection for a critical load. Now, if you get a better understanding of the downtime cost it will help you a lot in identifying the right UPS configuration to protect your devices from changing power issues.

Many people often overlook the MTBF or “mean time between failure” specification in UPS systems. When you get an idea about this certain specification, you can efficiently compare the maintenance costs so you can have an overview of how frequent you may need to do repair and replacement. At an average, the MTBF time can range from 100,000 hours to 1,000,000 hours.

Equipment and Facility Tracking

As a business grows, the facilities will have changing requirements. The critical load may have a higher demand. Sometimes, it could decrease because of the energy efficiency efforts applied. This is why it helps to have a form of tracking.

Not only will you be able to look at an overview of your facility’s situation but you can also get a better look at the efficiency of your UPS system compared to the size and demands of your facility. In doing so, you can properly think about how to purchase industrial UPS systems that will fit your updated facility needs. Moreover, you should look into buying a UPS system from a provider that will provide you with the right knowledge in understanding about the correlation of your UPS system with your facility.