Jul 29, 2017 3

How I Became A Photographer

In August of 2010 my son began playing High school football in San Diego, Ca.  I wanted to be able to take nice action sports pictures of him so that I could have beautiful keep sakes to pass down when he got older.   So I bought myself a Panasonic and then a Kodak point and shoot camera and started shooting away. I found myself wondering how do the professional Photographer get such clear sports pictures.  So I started studying tips in photography.  The next year I wanted to have control of what I was shooting so I bought a Sony A33, of course I started shooting in the automatic mode and then slowly started working in manual mode.  Now since my son was playing Junior Varsity, most of there games were played during the day time and it gave me the opportunity to get comfortable changing the setting to suit my needs.  In 2012 I started changing lens, Shutter Speeds and frame rates.  My pictures were getting better and I took wedding Pictures for a friend using my new Sony 75-300mm lens.   My Friend liked my pictures better then the person she hired to do the wedding photos.  Getting o the end of the 2012 Season my so started playing a few night games and I notice that I couldn't get enough light into the camera at night and when I did the pictures came out graining.  I could only get 3200 ISO on this camera and it took pictures at 10 MP.  So I purchased a Sony A57 Camera with an higher ISO.  By my sons last season I had gotten a A77, that same year I started my Business Photos by Mike.  I now shoot with an A7 full frame camera.  I shoot all types of pictures now Landscape, low light, weddings, engagement and special events.  I also shoot video too, using my AX53.  I've always shot with Sony and always will.