May 16, 2017 12

Capture every moment, every strand...

One can only dream of having your work inspire others.  

When I started my hair career, my goal was to capture these hair colors but I had a big problem: I don't have enough light! 

Salons are notorious for having inconsistent lighting and harsh shadows.  We mix so many different light bulbs together in one room and I was using my smart phone for imaging. This is just not cutting it for me.  I had to find a solution.

NEX-6 with the 16-50mm kit lens changed my life! The built-in flash made it so easy to bounce light.  The custom white balance made capturing hair color extremely simple.   I had to learn everything I can so I capture every moment, every strand!  The hobby begins and a new love for content creation starts.

Eventually, I upgraded to my current set up: Sony A5100, 50mm 1.8 OSS and FE 28mm 2.0 lens.  This opened up even more possibilities! 

I was able to capture my work at any time, night or day with great detail.  The compact size and upgrade in auto-focus made capturing videos of my work possible.  My hobby grew into an obsession and I was ok with it!

4 years and I still check for Sony camera news everyday.  Seeing the growth and innovation motivates me to better my craft in both hair and imaging.

These cameras made it possible capture moments that are usually left forgotten. I can start inspiring other artists through my simple video and photography. I work at a salons with other artists where I can finally share my camera obsession.  My original Nex-5 and kit lens is still used daily.


My first hair tutorial video shot with Sony A5100 with Sony E 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens.