Oct 14, 2018 310

Estate Sale

I was working at a country club in northwest Ohio. After work one day I saw an estate sale and decided to stop. I went through the rooms of the home and didn’t find too much until I entered one of the bedrooms. That is where I found my very first Ghurka bag, but I didn’t know what a Ghurka was until then. The original price tag was still in the bag as it had been maticulously cared for over the years. I researched the Runabout canvas bag and found that it was first issued in the 1970s. I won’t disclose the price I paid at the sale but needless to say, it was a steal! I take pride in knowing that I have such an iconic bag and when I receive a compliment on the bag, which happens quite often, I am very happy to share my story. I excitedly recommend Ghurka to them and someday I hope to have the matching duffle bag to complete my ensemble!