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Where To Eat When Staying At Motels In Hobart

Many tourists flock to Hobart to take in the sights, visit the many attractions and to partake in the delicious produce that the city offers. Knowing where to eat can, however, be a challenge – particularly if you’ve never visited the city before. In this article, we have outlined some of the top restaurants, cafes and eateries to try when staying at motels in Hobart.

• Solo Pasta and Pizza

Located in Sandy Bay, this Italian inspired restaurant has been rated number one on TripAdvisor. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm until late, diners can expect an authentic experience with an array of delicious meals on offer. From the usual pastas and pizzas to mouth watering ribs and tasty tiramisu, you’ll be set.

• Urban Greek

Located in the CBD (within walking distance of many motels in Hobart), this Greek inspired restaurant offers a modern, industrial atmosphere without being too noisy. Open for dinner 7 days a week from 5pm until late and for lunch Fridays and Sundays, diners can munch down on dolmades, baklava and meat platters.

• Da Angelo Ristorante

Located in the CBD, this is another Italian inspired restaurant that has got the locals excited. It is often quite busy, so bookings are highly recommended. If you don’t fancy eating in, there is also the option to order takeaway pizzas. Open 7 days a week from 5pm until late, you will have ample opportunity to drop in and say hi.

• Syra Restaurant

Located in the famous Salamanca Square at Battery Point, this restaurant has taken inspiration from Lebanese, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Specialising in large and small share plates, if you aren’t sure what to order just ask the waitstaff! Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11am until late – drop in for lunch or dinner.

• Daci and Daci Bakers

Located in the CBD (within walking distance of many motels in Hobart), this French European inspired café is the perfect place for a delicious breakfast, lunch, brunch or afternoon tea! Open 7 days a week from 7am until 6pm, diners can dig into croquet monsieur, quiche, meringues, a wealth of pastries and cakes, not to mention great coffee.

• The Black Footed Pig

Located in the CBD, this popular restaurant serves delicious Spanish, Mediterranean and Australian inspired cuisine. Ensure that you get to sample a bit of everything by ordering tapas – from beef cheeks and croquetas to tagine and chocolate parfait, you will not be disappointed. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm until late.

• Me Wah

Located in Sandy Bay, this Chinese restaurant is nothing like your local takeaway back at home. Known particularly for their seafood, which is sourced locally, there is something here for everyone. Yum cha sessions are also run on weekends. Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday, there’s no excuse not to make a booking.

• The Glass House

Located on the Brooke Street Pier, this Japanese and Australian fusion restaurant is one of the top fine dining establishments in Hobart. Enjoy sashimi, abalone, ocean trout, Korean chicken, lamb belly and more. Open 7 days a week from 12noon until late, we recommend dropping in for a cocktail even if you don’t plan on eating.

If you’ve got an upcoming holiday to the Apple Isle and are wondering for cheap accommodation and where to eat, we hope that the above list of restaurants and eateries has given you plenty of inspiration. We also highly recommend talking to the locals, as they will often be able to make great recommendations of places to eat around motels in Hobart – all you have to do is ask!