May 15, 2017 49

Love traveling and taking photos along the way.

Graduated as an Art History major from Florida International University back in 2011. Took every art class you can possibly think of but photography. After graduation my girlfriend at the time now fiance bought me my first Sony NEX 5 camera. Always loved photography and was super excited to finally own an amazing camera.

The above photo was one of my first times shooting action sports. One of my friend raced motorcycles down in homestead Florida so I went down for the weekend to watch him race.  I squeezed my way into the photography pit where all the professional where shooting with big cameras and big lenses. At this time I only had my Sony NEX 5 with 18-55 kit lens and the 55-210 zoom. All the photographers where amazed how I was getting these images with such a compact system. After the race my friend shared some of my photos and one was featured in a magazine article. Pretty cool experience to have that happen. 

 In 2012 we moved to San Antonio Texas and I joined a local photography group. Over the years I have owned almost every Sony camera, loving the compact system. Found myself traveling a lot and shooting mostly landscapes. Pretty excited about the above photo. In 2015 it won photo of the year in my local photography group.

I am a self tough photographer that has owned almost every Sony camera. I consider myself a travel/landscape photographer, I am always looking for the next adventure to shoot.