Apr 29, 2017 4

My life

First middle school i was 7th grade i was hoping see my old friends again but some of us went different schools, i look around a hall way so i can know school better and meet news friends and teacher my life wad great. In 8th grade i graduated middle school then i went to high school. High school change my life first i thought it was great but then my friends doesn't go with no more. I dont know understand why and what to know answers. I started getting depress thinking my self hurt my self not real life just thoughts. I went physical building talk about my depress. Im glad went there to stop thinking depress and my old friends he told me "people have to move on". So month late meet more new friends and the girl i like. Her name is elsi she look beautiful including with her glasses, she smart and shy. The way we meet that i spoke to her because i had a strange feeling. She started that she doesn't like me but 3 month later she began to smile at me and like me. I starded forget problem of my life back to the past but now i enjoy my new life with elsi we starded getting closer and she began nervously when she talk to me. She know that i like her like, like her like her. I want to prove her better who i am and she like it and laugh that day i never forget about her and so my life is getting better with her im glad i meet her. Without her i could be more trouble of my self. Now im fineĀ 

The end

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