May 08, 2019 0

Signs that Show you Need A Knee Replacement

Pain in the knee usually comes in the way of leading a normal lifestyle. The symptoms can get so worse that taking each step feels like a huge task. However, a lot of time people choose to avoid undergoing the knee pain treatment and that can translate into severe knee problem later on. One should be on the lookout for symptoms that show that you need a knee replacement surgery, and we have compiled some of them.

1. Pain: The first and foremost symptom is pain in the joint. If the pain comes with moving the joint, one should get it checked immediately. There is also something known as delayed pain which comes sometime after a physical activity is done. Don’t let the pain grow up to such a level that you are woken up from sleep because of extreme pain caused by the littlest movement of the knee.

2. Visual Changes: All symptoms aren’t internal, some can be visually noticed too. If one knee has a different appearance than the other, it is a major sign that you may need to get a knee replacement surgery done. The difference can be seen in the form of swelling and the inflammation is a cause of serious concern.

3. Limited Movement: Another sign of a deteriorating knee is difficulty in bending it. A lot of people find difficulty in going up and down the stairs, sitting on lower platforms such as a car seats, etc. Catching of the joint also points towards a damaged knee.

4. Lifestyle limitations: Any symptom that hampers your day-to-day routine or keeps you from doing things that you want to do is a sign that you should not ignore. Nothing should keep you from going about your regular chores and once that starts to get hindered you know for sure that something is wrong.

The key to a successful knee replacement in India is to get help at the first signs of a problem. Any kind of pain or inconvenience is worth looking into. If you get the problem diagnosed at an early stage you wouldn’t have to undergo a knee replacement surgery at all. However, if the problem does escalate to an extent that there is no other way the knee joint can be healed, then consult a doctor as soon as possible and get the surgery done to relieve yourself of the pain.