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Ryan's Journey V2



OF THE future

Creating an dynamic and inspiring online experience

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Imagining a site that inspires our guests to start

their next journey using data, personalized offers,

and rich, dynamic content

Imagine a site fully optimized for deep-linked SEO results that put top of mind…

Wow, I never knew Hyatt was the place to find this kind of getaway…”

That elevates the most important content while still prioritizing

critical functionality…

It’s easy for me to navigate, explore, and compare, making it that much simpler to feel confident about

booking here”

And becomes the destination that connects guests with unique and compelling experiences as well as the best prices and offers

No other site helps me design the trip of my dreams, with

curated offers and localized

experiences at the right price.”

Let’s take a look at a potential user and his journey through a future experience…

I’m willing to spend money on experiences we never forget, but I don’t want to pay for extras I don’t value… and I want to know I’m booking the right things”

meet RYAN

46 years old, lives in Manhattan, NY

A Senior Exec in publishing, Ryan’s been married to Marla for 15 years. He and Marla love to travel and try to experience a new destination at least once a year. They’re savvy travelers but are price conscious… what’s most important is designing a trip that feels right for them.

They’re inspired by a variety of sources, from CN Traveler to friends, but especially by the instagrammers they follow. They’re looking for romantic get away that’s wellness focused - with a hint of indulgence.

Things he values

Health and wellness

Expanding his horizons with local activities

Feeling comfortable and welcomed by the places they stay in, with luxury in the personalized details he cares about

Brands Ryan trusts and relies on

Access to

exclusive offers



High touch



Personalized follow ups 

Their trip was unforgettable. Within 24 hours Ryan receives an email titled “Thanks for coming!” from the manager of Andaz Napa thanking for their stay.

He clicks on a link to reveal the points. A fully personalized page displays Ryan’s new points total and below, is a customized spring break itinerary suitable for families. There is also an offer for free VIP access to a Wanderlust Yoga Festival at a sister property.

Ryan writes to Marla “Looks like we have a great spring break option!”





Instagram posts

Use of geo-tagging

Instagram posts with

branded hashtags,

property names

or campaigns


An amazing, instagrammable


Marla snaps lots of photos on their memorable trip. Since the hotel and the area are so picturesque, she shares them on Instagram with a #andaznapa tag.

Flexible payment


Pre-loaded booking

details based on

user data

Price drop

upgrade opt-in


Easily booking with credit and points

Ryan finalizes their booking easily since the majority of the fields are prefilled from his account. He then selects a combination of credit card and points, which cover the air balloon flight!

When reviewing the itinerary price breakdown, Ryan sees the price comparison with different OTA sites; he’s confident they’re getting the best price.

He's presented with a confirmation page and option to sync the reservation with his calendar.  Ryan opens his email confirmation on his phone, and clicks on the link provided to download and install the Hyatt mobile app. 

Member and

standard rates

for packages


reviews aid


Fully customizable



Selecting customized experiences

They select the Couples Yoga Getaway Package that includes massage, daily morning yoga and a in-room spa basket from Aesop. They decided to indulge themselves with a private air balloon flight offered by the hotel – the map shows they can bike over using their free offer.

All packages and additional activities include both World of Hyatt price and point equivalent.

Social media


Property pages

with location

and experience

in mind

Curated stay and

activity packages


Inspiring the planning

Together Ryan and Maria check out the saved Getaway properties on their desktop computer. Beautiful photography of property & scenery from Instagram influencers and positive reviews for local activities from social media make the decision much simpler; they select Andaz Napa as their destination.

They're presented with several room options and curated experience packages that focus on different themes, including wellness activities and spa


Familiar and enticing

messaging above

page fold

Targeted marketing

based on user’s

destination history


Seamless engagement

Ryan receives an email from Hyatt inviting him to continue his trip planning. In the email, he also

notices an incentive to get an exclusive offer as a loyal member.

He clicks on it and is transferred to the same screen where he left off on his mobile during the Uber ride. Now, there’s an offer for a promotes free bicycle trip for two in Napa for loyal members.

Share destination


Create destination



Tailoring the experience

He flips through featured destinations, selects his top 3 choices and saves them into a collection called "Our anniversary getaway". He then shares the collection with Marla. She receives a text message with a link to preview Ryan's getaway selection but, since they're a busy couple, the trip planning slips their minds for a few days.

SEO driven

personalized content




Getting inspired

Ryan is taken to a tailored Hyatt homepage and as a World of Hyatt member, is recognized, logged in and greeted. He is presented with a set of destination

options, curated to his preferences and past behavior.  

High ranking in

organic search




Exploring the options

Riding home from work in an Uber, Ryan’s searching Google for a great destination for their 15th wedding anniversary. Inspired by an Instagram photo, he searches for ”Romantic wellness getaways for couples" in Google. He notices a sponsored link from Hyatt promoting ”The world’s most spectacular anniversary getaways” and clicks on it. 


Become known as a digital leader in hospitality and wellness

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