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the future

Creating an dynamic and inspiring online experience

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Let’s take a look at a potential user and his journey

through the future of Hyatt experience.

What if we transform it into something that dynamically

connects data & content, and genuinely inspires our guests

to start their next journey?

And becomes THE destination that connects guests with the most compelling experiences, best prices and offers

No other site helps me easily design the trip of my dreams, from the right price, to curated offers and localized experiences”

That elevates the most important content while still prioritizing

critical functionality…

It’s easy for me to navigate and explore, making it that much simpler to feel confident I should book here”

A site fully optimized for deep-linking SEO results that make us top of mind…

Wow, I never knew Hyatt had the kind of experience I googled!”

I have seen a lot and very few hotel brands have been able to consistently meet my expectations and provide enriching experiences.”

meet RYAN

49 years old, lives in Manhattan, NY

A Senior Executive for The New York Times, married for 20 years, with a goal to travel together to a new destination at least twice a year.


Personalization and recognition

Health and wellness

Style, comfort, value

Sense of adventure

Connecting with like-minded people

Brands Ryan trusts and rely on

Title TBD

Within 24 hours Ryan receives an email titled “Thank you for your stay. See how many points you’ve earned.” It’s actually signed by the manager of Andaz Napa! He clicks on a link to see this new points total and reveals a new destination suggestions based on guests like him. He makes a collection and shares it to Marla with a

subject “This next!”

Title TBD

When reviewing the itinerary price breakdown, Ryan sees the price comparison with different OTA sites. Confident that he's getting the best price, he selects a combination of credit card and points as payment. He's presented with a confirmation page and an option to sync the reservation with his calendar. From there, he also invited to download and install the Hyatt mobile app.

Fully customizable


Title TBD

They select the Couples Yoga Getaway Package that includes daily morning yoga and a in-room spa basket. They decided to indulge themselves with a private air balloon flight and a couple of bikes. They finalize their selection of dates and complete the booking process.

Social media


Curated stay &

activity packages

Title TBD

Together with Marla, they review the destination collection. Beautiful photography & scenery from Instagram influencers make the decision much simpler and they select Andaz Napa as their destination. They're presented with three curated packages, that focus on different themes and include room accommodations,

activities and special amenities.

Targeted marketing

based on user’s

destination collection

Title TBD

One evening at home, Ryan receives an email from inviting him to continue with his booking. In the email, he also notices an incentive to unveil an exclusive offer. He clicks on it and is transferred to the same screen where he left off on his mobile during the Uber ride. The offer is for a full-day free bicycle rental for two in Napa. 

Title TBD

He flips through featured destinations, selects his top 3 choices and saves them into a collection called "Our anniversary getaway". He then shares the collection with Marla. She receives a text message with a link to preview Ryan's getaway selection but, since they're a busy couple, the trip planning slips their minds for a few days.

SEO driven




Title TBD

Ryan is taken to a tailored Hyatt homepage and as a World of Hyatt member, is recognized, logged in and greeted. He is presented with a set of destination options, curated to his preferences and past behavior.

Title TBD

While on Uber, Ryan searches Google for a great destination for him and his wife Marla to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. He launches a browser on his phone and searches for ”Best romantic getaways" in Google. He notices a paid Hyatt ad and clicks on it.

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