Jun 21, 2017 4


When our designers set out to create the light and airy Lola Collection, there was no question where to start. Known for its lightweight versatility and retro charm, rattan was the natural choice. Using its fresh coastal vibe, they created a modern collection that makes infusing a tropical feeling into your home year-round easier than ever.

Rattan’s flexibility isn’t the only reason it is a desirable material for furniture makers. Pulled from mountain forests across Asia, natural rattan cane is lightweight and naturally resistant to heat and humidity. 

(Sidenote: The plant’s inner core is used to create wicker, making it even more popular.)

Best suited to indoor use and out of weather that may cause it to break down prematurely, the Lola Rattan Collection can easily be mixed with a variety of styles. 

Each piece is available in two rattans and with six different fade- and stain-resistant Sunbrella® cushions, making it simple to customize a combination right at home with your decor.

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