Jun 26, 2018 15

Beckers - Unit Bricks

Is it a brick? Is it a block? Is it a construction toy, a STEM activity, or a math manipulative?

Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Unit Bricks are a great way to bring the STEM disciplines of science, math, and engineering into the block area. These high-quality blocks have hand-carved grooves that look and feel like mortar and appear like real bricks. They are lightweight yet solid wood which makes them a perfect choice for a preschool or kindergarten classroom. These blocks bring a new dimension to the block area and encourage design, creativity, planning and big thinking.

The Unit Bricks 100 Piece Set includes:

  • 16 Half Unit
  • 18 Full Units
  • 6 Half Pillars
  • 4 Pillars
  • 4 Half Columns
  • 2 Full Columns
  • 2 Gothic Arches
  • 2 Buttresses
  • 4 Corners
  • 2 Roman Arches
  • 4 Half Circles
  • 4 Quarter Circles
  • 2 Circle Curves
  • 4 Small Triangles
  • 4 Large Triangles
  • 4 Triangle Roofs
  • 4 Thin Quarter Units
  • 10 Thin Half Units
  • 4 Thin UnitsĀ 

The Unit Bricks 24 Piece Set includes:

  • 10 Half Units
  • 10 Units
  • 2 One-and-a-half Units
  • 2 Double UnitsĀ 
Unit Bricks opens children up to the world of STEM building fun in the block area. Unit Bricks are solid, sustainable, and built to last! If you're looking for STEM contruction toys for toddlers, these are a must!
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