May 21, 2017 9

My Father and My Sony

My father has always been one of the important and supportive people in my life. He supported me when I abandoned my life-long chemistry passion and dropped out of college after one week to pursue filmmaking. He supported me when I moved to Los Angeles at the age of 21, the first time I had lived more than 15 miles from my parents. Most recently, he has supported my business venture - I've opened a camera (largely film) repair and sales shop near Nashville. I, of course, do a lot of photography as well.

My father runs his own boat repair business in my hometown in Ohio. Not only did he build the business from the ground up, he built the entire building himself back in 1973.

In early October of last year, my father bought me a Sony a6300. He knew I wanted a mirrorless camera to complement my full-frame DSLR. I also wanted one with excellent video capabilities (LOG profiles, preferably 4K, etc.).

The day after he bought me that Sony a6300, he suffered a heart attack while at work. He is the hardest-working, toughest person I've ever met, evidenced by the fact that instead of calling 911 he simply got in his van and drove himself to the emergency room.

While I live near Nashville, I happened to be visiting in Ohio at the time. I was the first person to get the call, by one of the nurses at the ER. She told me he was being careflighted downtown and wanted me to come get my dad's dog (who is always with him at work).

Fast forward to the present, and my father is doing much better. He needs to avoid certain foods, take care not to put too much physical stress on his body, and adhere to a regular routine of medications and doctor check-ups. I've always liked Sony cameras (I've had probably 7 others prior to this 6300), but this particular one will always be special to me.