Denver underground Music

Hi I am Matisse v Ravenhart

I live in Denver Colorado I was born and raised here. It Is home to the Rocky Mountains. We have a thriving underground music scene Goth scene, and so much beauty and outdoor adventures. I my self am an intersex advocate. This is something not too many people are farmiliar with. It is not that rare of a condition but it is when a person is born unidentifiable or unable to be catogorized as either bianary sex male or Female. Living in Colorado has been incredible. I work on campaigns for progress. I have testified twice at our States Capitol for important bills that would advance the rights of LGBTQAIi persons like myself! I testified in 2011 for marriage equality in Denver Colorado. I even tried to start a family. It's difficult being a sexual minority but it brings me many great experiences and oppertunities to show people we are more alike than we are different. Colorado , Denver will forever be my home town. Here's some photos of my experiences. I have a Sony television I use to edit and view my photos.