Jan 21, 2017 295

Career Path: Examiner No. 5 to Garrison No. 147

Twenty years ago, I received the Examiner No. 5 as a graduation present from my future wife when I received my Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.  My first job was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the California Institute of Technology - and yes, the stereotypes portrayed in The Big Bang Theory are correct.  My Examiner accompanied me to all my scientific conferences and meetings, my vacation trips, and my everyday work.  Within a year, I realized that academia did not suit me, so I joined the pharmaceutical industry as a Scientist.  

Over 8 years, as I became a Senior Principal Scientist and a Project Manager, my Examiner accompanied me to all my scientific conferences and meetings and everyday work, on my honeymoon and vacation trips, on my business development trips, and, eventually, to the boardroom meetings.  My Ghurka Examiner represented smart style, polished intelligence, and business common sense and good value.  When I changed jobs and moved countries to join a German multinational company, first as a Specialist and then, over 8 years, as the country manager, my Examiner accompanied me faithfully and diligently, eventually collecting over a million travel miles in total.  

Seven years ago, I set up my own company and my Examiner helped me build my business from a start up operation with 5 employees to its current family of 15 engineers and professional staff and 30 workers.  After 17 years of nearly daily usage, my Examiner showed its age, but I still have it.  Three years ago, I got the Garrison No. 147 as my daily briefcase.  Once again, the Ghurka qualities of smart style, polished intelligence, and business common sense and good value were represented in this briefcase.  Today, after twenty years of using Ghurka briefcases, I believe that I owe part of my success to you, thank you.

I hope to continue my long relationship with Ghurka for another twenty years with my other Ghurka bags and my two sons and my now wife who gave me the Examiner twenty years ago.  But, that would be another story.  

To be continued.