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Sony LSPX-P1 Interesting Uses

Last week we posted up our thoughts on the Sony LSPX-P1, and one of its most impressive aspects is its portability. The unit itself is very small, and coupled with its ultra short throw capabilities, it can project a 72” area from a mere 15” away from the wall.

As such there’s lots of other ways you can use it around the house, and we had fun trying different things. Below are some of our favourites.

Tracing Over a Projection

Children and adults alike were entertained by its ability to project images onto paper that can be traced or coloured in. As the projection is smaller, the detail is incredibly crisp, and casting photos from the app is quick and easy.

Creating an Atmosphere in a Room

One of the things we found ourselves doing most was projecting relaxing or mood setting imagery on a wall. It’s surprisingly effective if you have the images rotating through, and is a refreshing change to having the TV on the background constantly.

Atmospheric imagery aside another obvious use is flicking through past family photos, and due to its small size and lengthy battery, it’s easy to take to a family gatherings.

Wall Clock

While a relatively unexciting feature, the LSPX-P1 comes with several clock types that can be projected pretty much anywhere. If you need to keep a close eye on the time moving it around the house is simple, and coupled with the feature that turns the projector on and off depending on how far away you are, the battery life is surprisingly lengthy.

Party Playlist 

When we have guests over for a heavy night in or before going out, we usually set up a laptop with a collaborative open playlist. You can take this to the next level by projecting the playlist on the wall, especially if you’re working your way through a YouTube playlist.

Recipes and Cooking Videos

We’re not afraid to admit that our culinary skills lack in certain areas, so we’re usually loosely following a recipe or cooking video in the kitchen. One of the best uses we found was using the LSPX-P1 to cast these onto walls, cupboards or countertops. Ours is pretty dark but a well placed chopping board was more than sufficient, and the built in speakers fill a room pretty well considering their size. 

Tabletop Gaming

We’re not talking Dungeons and Dragons - the LSPX-P1 brings a new meaning to ‘tabletop gaming’. This is perfect if you have a laptop and want a larger gaming area, or want to play with friends. Plug in the HDMI adapter you’re golden.

Floor Based Games

Accidentally having the LSPX-P1 facing the wrong way led us to the discovery that it works surprisingly well on carpet. A few minutes later and we had a functional Twister mat that worked surprisingly well and didn’t crumple under the weight of bodies. A chessboard would also work well if you wanted to bring a game of lawn chess inside.

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