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How to Fix McAfee Error 1336?

To protect your system from any phishing activity or virus attacks it is important that users install an antivirus program to be protected from any such things and losing data or confidential files which they have stored in their system is a fatal Is the situation. So, install McAfee Antivirus to protect your system and to protect your confidential information with malicious code. But different times when facing those issues, installing antivirus on their system and when they try to install the product they become McAfee error code 1336 and it fails. It exposes users to the danger which is secret on the web. So if you find yourself in a similar situation then you should contact experts through the McAfee customer support number toll free without any hesitation and if users want to deal with this error then follow the error to troubleshoot have mentioned the steps.

McAfee error 1336 occurs when your attempt to install McAfee antivirus software fails. When you face this problem, you need to turn off McAfee antivirus software.

You will get a McAfee error 1336 error message "... Sorry for the inconvenience. In this blog, we will discuss the main reason, symptoms, and steps to fix McAfee error code 336 easily.

Symptoms of McAfee Error 1336

• Once your system is affected by this error, your active Windows program may crash.

• Your operating system may also have crashed after an incident of this error.

• Continuous presence of this error

• Can slow down your computer speed.

• Your computer may get frozen for a short period.

Steps to Fix McAfee Error 1336

This McAfee error code 1336 can give birth to a plenty of problems, which needs immediate troubleshooting the problems with the following mentioned steps.

Step 1: Reboot Your Macphi Product

• Rebooting McAfee Wished to Correct Real-Time Errors 1336

Step 2: Clean Your PC

• Click the "Start" button.

• Get the search bar.

• "Cmd.exe" command in the type field.

• Click the "OK" button.

• Get time to black check.

• Enter the "cleanmgr" command on the black window.

• Hit key [Enter]

Step 3: Scan your system

• Hover over the "Start" taskbar menu.

• Click on the "Start" button.

• Get the search field.

• You need to type "Command Prompt" command in the field.

• Click "OK"

• Get the Command Prompt Window.

• Enter the command on "Sfc / scannow" command prompt window.

• After that, the scanner will scan the entire system files programs.

• Still, the McAfee error is getting 1336?