Feb 12, 2018 6

Why Should You Avoid Spicy Food For Your Dog?

You might have seen many dogs sniffing and wandering around the packets of the food you brought for them. Some dogs are being cautious about each & everything they eat whereas some food options they like the most. Sometimes, they just sniff and start growling when they don't like anything. It happens with most of the dogs who may not like the spicy food.

When you take the spicy food close to them, they may start growling as their taste buds are not meant to bear this taste. Once you start receiving the negative reaction to a certain food type, you should not give them this food. Turn down the spicy food and make sure they have everything suits their immunity and digestive system.

Spicy smell and spicy curry are hazardous for your dog's health. Spicy food isn't meant for dogs. Never feed your pet with spicy food as canine can't digest spicy food. They may end up with runny stools and stomach diseases when you start feeding them with spicy food.

The Risk Involved in Feeding your Pets with Spicy Food

Not only spicy food causes the watery stool, it may sometimes cause the major health issues. Canine Pancreatitis is life-threatening which involves inflammation by developing Pancreatitis due to fatty or spicy foods. Reduce your pet's risk increasing the chances of Pancreatitis and stomach problems such as stomach pain, diarrhea, gas and excessive thirst.

Avoid Spicy Food to Improve Skin Disease & Fur Quality

Spices are very risky for the health of your pet and that can also affect the Skin or Fur quality of your pet. Spicy food often affects the skin and fur quality of your pet and also, cause eczema. However, find the food which is good for your little furry friend.