Jul 21, 2017 76

Memories Regained

Memories Regained:

My unique melancholy experiences:

At the end of day after scouting in the desert for images with my camera, I came upon a discarded couch. I recalled that I owned a similar couch but fancier with dark green color decades ago. My life experiences and memory of my green couch faded as the evening dusk; the gate of melancholies opened within. I felt my life similar to this ending day; lacking focus but bath in soft lights… soon ALL fads away… In reality, I must do as ALL forefathers have done before me. I must follow and participate the impending eternal cycles of a beginning and an end. I anticipate to complete, to commemorate and to celebrate early my own life cycle. I cheer! I rejoice! I celebrate! Come, we share a drink of fine wine.