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The Game Changer Satellites Starts at INR 50 ONLY. The Chase is ON!

Slated to be India’s biggest online poker tournament till date, The Game Changer 2CRORE Guaranteed tournament (20th-24th February 2019) on PokerBaazi is all set to power-up your New Year 2019! We know of your undeniable passion for the game and are thus here to tell you that you can get started with Game Changer Satellites from January 7, 2019 and win BIG. If you’re looking for any more stunners, please be advised that these satellites start from as low as INR 50 and they’ll run on all seven days of the week!

Here’s comes the BIG show!

Poker enthusiasts, it’s your time to rejoice and enjoy the perfect debut to 2019 as you join the Game Changer 2CRORE GTD tourney, a showstopper by India’s most reliable poker website. It’s the next shocker in line after the company’s flagships, the PokerBaazi Premier League (its Winter Edition had an INR 5CRORE GTD) and the MoneyMaker Main Event (1CRORE Guaranteed) had successfully remodeled our country’s nascent online gaming space past year.

It’s Bigger and Better!

Yes, it’s BIGGER than ever before! The GC storms into the gaming arena on 20th February and would run its due course until 24th February 2019. It shall sport a jaw-dropping INR 2CRORE Guaranteed Prize Pool, an INR 11,000 Buy-In and an unassailable paycheck of INR 50,00,000 for the Winner!

You can take a crack at this mammoth prize pool by playing in its Satellites from 7th January 2019.

We suggest you start your year on a confident note as you enroll yourself in these daily satellites. Players from around the country are ready to chase their dream of playing in India’s biggest online poker tournament till date and we suggest you buckle-up for the BIG thing too.

PS: We have mentioned our guide on ‘how to play satellite poker tournaments’ later in this article as well to help you get started.

The Game Changer Satellites schedule is HERE

The GC satellites start no earlier than 6 PM daily. We advise you to finish off your routine work in time and after relaxing for a while, you can stun everyone with your gameplay to win the ticket to this grand tournament.

You can find the Satellite schedule below:

How to Win a Ticket to the GC

1. The GC satellites that start from January 7th 2019 are a mix of Step 1 and Step 2 Sattys in the format of Day 1 A, B and C.

2. Even if you have a small bankroll, you can enter these satellites simply by investing a minimum Buy-In of INR 50 or maximum Buy-In of INR 500 to take your shot at the guaranteed prize pool of INR 2CRORE. It’s truly worth a deal!

How to Play Satellite Poker Tournaments?

Here’s our simple 5-step guide to help you understand ‘how to play satellite poker tournaments’ in India.

1. Log into PokerBaazi tonight as per Game Changer Satellites schedule.

2. Invest a Buy-In of the respective satellite you’re playing in.

3. Put up a grand show in the Step 1 satellite. Once you sail through Step 1, you can proceed to the Step 2 satellite.

4. After a win-win situation in both satellites, you will be rewarded with the GC ticket that will give you a direct entry to the GC tourney.

5. Before GC goes on board, you can continue brushing up your skills and master your game to win big.

Now that the satellites of this INR 2CRORE tournament are live, we suggest that you get all prepped up for this adventure and get in the race to be the best. The Game Changer is a one-off shot you can take to glory this year so get in the act now!

"It’s time to #BeABaazigar".