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Using video on Maker

Adding a Video on Maker

Key Items 

YouTube video options

Vimeo video options

Mp4 video options

Adding a video background

Autoplay on mobile

Replacing video

Maker supports video embeds from the following three formats:

  • Youtube link
  • Vimeo link
  • mp4 link

To embed a video into your story or grid, simply copy and paste the link directly in the editor. After hitting enter, the video should immediately appear:

Note: You cannot change the aspect ratio of the video file once uploaded (unless you're using Pro Layout Builder). If your design depends on a certain size or aspect ratio, be sure to create your original video file at that size.

Youtube video options

After embedding a Youtube link to your story or grid, you'll notice several options appear on the right side panel:

  • Full width
  • Autoplay
  • Mute
  • Controls
  • Loop
  • Lazy loading

Here's a breakdown what each option does:

Full width

Select this option to make your video go full bleed on the page.


To turn on asynchronous autoplay, select this option. 


Want to keep your video silent? Select this option.


Turn on/off the video controls available to your viewer with this option.


Select 'Loop' to ensure that once play begins, your video will loop back to the beginning.

Lazy loading

All videos will be automatically set to 'lazy loading' by default. This ensures that your video does not load in sync with the page load, and helps maintain a fast page load. If you have a video above the fold and would like it to load synchronously with the page, turn off Lazy loadingNote: this may delay page loadtime, particularly when there are more than one video on the same page. To maintain a speedy page load, we recommend using this option on a maximum of two videos per page.

Vimeo video options

Embedding a Vimeo link to your story or grid will enable similar options as above, with two exceptions: 

  • Controls & Loop are not available as independent options,


  • You can accomplish both with the Vimeo specific 'Play in background' option.

Play in background

Selecting 'Play in background' will enable a looped & muted autoplay on page load. Note that your video will still load asynchronously (unless lazy loading is turned off). 

For more details on how to add a video from a Vimeo Pro account, click here

Mp4 video options

Embedding an mp4 link in Maker will expose the same side panel options as with Youtube, but with one addition:


With mp4, Maker enables you to upload a desired thumbnail for that video. If you choose to keep the video on click to play rather than autoplay, this uploaded thumbnail image will appear before the viewer clicks play.

Adding a video background

In addition to adding a video to a grid or story, you can add a video as the background of a grid OR story. 

By default, the video background will autoplay on mute.

For a refresher on how to add background videos, visit this page

Autoplay on mobile

To support Vimeo & Youtube restrictions, any autoplay videos on mobile must be muted. When autoplay is selected on mobile breakpoints in Maker, the selected video will automatically be muted. This will ensure that mobile autoplay is supported. 

If you want to enable sound on videos on mobile, autoplay must be turned off.

Replacing videos

To replace a video in the editor, simply select it and click on the replace icon on the top right corner. Paste the url of the new video and hit submit.