May 21, 2019 17

Using Rulers

Using Rulers 

Use Maker's built-in rulers to accurately align the elements of your story. To turn on rulers, select Show Rulers from the document settings panel on the right side of the editor. When the rulers are turned on, the button will turn blue and vertical and horizontal rulers will appear along the top and down the left side of the editor. 

You can position rulers at specific locations (pixels) in the story by dragging in a ruler from both the top or the side of the editor. Rulers are visible on all breakpoints when viewing the story at 100%. 

Note: Rulers are not visible on preview mode or your live page, just inside the editor.

Once rulers are turned on in the editor, on the top left corner of the editor you will see the an icon to control the rulers. When you click on it, a window appears that allows you to:

  • Toggle between hide and show all lines
  • Remove all grid lines altogether
  • Toggle between turning on/off snap to element. 
  • Toggle between turning on/off center mode