Jun 23, 2017 34

Using Insights & Metrics

Video Learnings

Follow the steps outlined in the video above to learn how to view Maker's engagement metrics in Stories Manager, the Insights Tab and Overlay Analytics. 

Insights panel in Stories Manager

After signing-in to your account on Maker, you'll automatically be directed to your Stories Manager, which hosts the insights panel on the right:

See overall account metrics or click on a story to get a summary of its specific performance.

Insights tab

For a deeper dive into our built-in insights, switch to the Insights tab to see every metric collected by Maker, including views, click-through rate, share count and more.

Move through images to see the insights features.

Customize the data shown by any of the following options:

  • Date range - use the calendar dropdown to select a custom range or one of our preset ranges
  • View - 'Engagement' or 'Inbound'
  • Content - The insights tab is set to All Stories by default, but you can select specific collections from the left panel

Overlay Analytics

There are two ways to access overlay analytics in Maker:

  1. Select a story from your Stories Manager and click the Overlay Analytics button, or
  2. Go directly to the embed on your site and click 'Show Insights'.

Use the overlay metrics to see the total number of views, average attention, total CTR and click-through breakdowns per device (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile). 

To see element specific CTR metrics, simply hover over a CTA or other link to see the metrics breakdown:

You can also see where visitors are dropping off with our interactive scroll bar on the left:

For any video or image metrics, simply hover over the blue tile on the page to see the details: