Jul 11, 2017 16

Using and Creating Templates

Why create a story template?

Creating templates can help save you time and effort when writing future stories.

Creating a template

There are two ways to save a story as a template:

1. From Stories Manager

2. From the editor

Creating a new story from a saved template

Open your stories manager and find the saved template (it will be marked with a purple TEMPLATE tag).

Then click on the plus button in the top right corner to start a new story with that template.

Removing Templates

You can de-select any saved templates from Stories Manager or from the editor. 

From Stories Manager, select the template story, click on More and then Don't Save as Template:

From the editor, removing the selected story as a template by clicking on Save As Template once more from the settings icon. You will see the green check mark disappear and the story return to its original mode: