Dec 04, 2017 9

How to make changes to a posted story

Published v. draft stories

When you're working on a draft story in Maker, every edit is automatically saved and updated.  No buttons or command + save needed. 

If you're making changes to a story that's already been posted, you might see a tag called Unpublished Edits pop up in your Stories Manager, or on the top left of the editor. 

This means that your edits have not yet been published to the posted story. It protects any embeds from reflecting unfinished updates or changes on your site.

This story has unsaved edits. 

This story is still in draft mode. 

Check to see whether your story is in draft mode or has unpublished edits by looking at the tags in Stories Manager.

Updating a published story

To confirm any changes made to a posted story, simply click the Update button on the top right of the editor. Edits will be immediately updated anywhere the story is shared or embedded.

Click the update button to publish any desired edits or changes to your posted story.