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Turn on related stories

Turn on related stories

To show a collection of related stories at the bottom of your embed, simply select Show related through the embed options as shown here:

Once you've selected Show Related through the embed options, you'll see four additional options to customize your related stories:

  1. Collections dropdown menu
  2. Show share your story
  3. Change related section text
  4. Maintain params in related

Collections dropdown menu

First you'll see a dropdown of collections to choose from. Select which collection you'd like to feature in your related stories here:

If you want to create a new collection for related stories, create the collection first and then return to your story's embed options customization. 

For a refresher on how to create collections, visit this page.

Show share your story

If you're running a UGC campaign and want to include a "Share Your Story" call-to-action, select this option. 

Change related section text

To customize the text that introduces the related stories section, select this option and enter your desired text:

Maintain params in related

To maintain the same settings for your related stories that apply to your embeds, select this option.