Jun 14, 2017 39

Pin a product

Pin a product to an image

Add an image to your story, either as part of a grid or on it's own.

With the image selected, use the right side panel to click on Pin a Product.

Search for the product in our media panel and drag and drop it into the product tag, or enter it via URL.

When you've finished adding the product from the media panel or its URL, click Done to complete adding the product pin.

Move the product pin

Move the product pin by clicking and dragging the plus sign around the image.

Note: You can only move a pin in Auto or Advanced grid. If you wish to move a product pin in a Slider grid, convert the grid to Autogrid, move the pin to the desired location on the image, and then reconvert the grid back to Slider.

Customize the product pin

You can change the color of the product pin as well as the color of the circle around the pin to match the aesthetic of your site and campaign.
To make those changes, go to your story settings and select Product Pin. From there you can precisely customize the colors of your Product Pins.
Note: At this time, we do not support customization of the shape or size of the pins.