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Maker 101

How it works

Maker is the fastest way to create, publish and optimize content on your site, without a line of code. 


Our drag-and-drop editor is like your favorite design tool built specifically for the web - marketers use our intuitive WYSIWYG tools to create stunning, conversion-driving pages with high-resolution images, videos, shoppable product pins, SEO friendly text and more. Our PSD to HTML conversion tool also enables photoshop-versed designers to upload layered PSD files that are instantly convert into web-friendly CSS.


When the design is complete, the user clicks POST in the top right corner of the editor. This generates a story-specific embed code that any marketer can quickly copy and paste into the right container or template on their site - publishing the content in seconds. And because all updates and testing are tracked via the same code, you only have to add the embed code once. Some customers simplify the process further with our Enhance script shortcut.


All Maker content lives within an iFrame, which means it's embeddable on any site or sales channel. And because it sits on top of your CMS, it won't affect the structure underneath. When it comes to testing, you can use other independent testing tools, like Optimizely, to test variants of Maker content. Or, you can use our built-in A/B testing and analytics tools to publish the most data-driven deigns. 

The editor

Ready to start creating great content? Click on any flashing plus icon to discover our main editor features.  

Article index

Here's an index to the most important videos and articles for getting started: