May 21, 2018 27

How to use our alignment tools

Alignment tools

When multiple selecting elements in advanced grid or Pro Layout (either via drag-to-select or keyboard controls), we offer helpful alignment tools to make the rearrangement of elements even easier.

To expose the alignment tools, simply multi-select elements in advanced grid or Pro layout- the tools will appear on the right-side contextual panel.


Use these selection tools to:

  • Left align selected elements
  • Horizontal center align selected elements
  • Right align selected elements
  • Top align selected elements 
  • Vertical center align selected elements
  • Bottom align selected elements
  • Distribute horizontally selected elements (only available in Pro layout)
  • Distribute vertically selected elements (only available in Pro layout)
  • Align to grid, if one element is selected (only available in Pro layout)

Here's an example of how to use the alignment tools to top align the selected elements:

Using these shortcut tools makes aligning multiple elements in advanced grid and Pro layout simple and effortless.