Dec 04, 2017 48

How to use autogrid

Why use autogrids? 

Autogrids are magic. Upload as many images, textboxes or videos as you like and it will generate a perfectly proportioned grid. 

Essentially, autogrids allow flexibility in design while still using proportional pixel-values (unlike advanced grid). For this reason, autogrids are the ideal choice for responsive design.


Autogrids and advanced grid share most capabilities, like:

You can review the grid basics here.

What makes autogrid unique are the gutters. Easily drag and adjust the layout of your autogrid by using autogrid gutters. You can customize the size and color of the gutters from 0px and above using the contextual panel on the right hand side:

Use the diagram in the right side panel to set the pattern for your grid:

Note: The pattern you set above the full width plus sign will apply to the entire grid - including any additional objects that you add later.