Jun 02, 2017 203

How to test cross domain tracking

1.  Download Google Tag Assistant and Google Analytics Debugger browser extensions

Install both extensions in your browser. 

2. Turn on the Google Analytics Debugger

Click on the extension icon to turn it on. Once activated, you will see the words ON in a blue and white text box. 

3. Enable the Google Tag Assistant

Click on the Enable button.

4. Visit a Maker story featuring your brand

Open a new tab and visit a Maker story featuring your brand.

5. Now select the Record Button

6. Refresh your page

Important: please refresh your page after selecting the record button and before continuing with the test.

7. Click a link to your site 

Find a button or link within the story that connects you back to your site. Click the link to visit the corresponding page on your site. You should see something similar in the URL to this:

8. Complete a dummy purchase

With Google Tag Assistant is still recording, complete a test transaction (add the item to cart, checkout etc). This way you will be able to ensure that the tracking is working properly for the entire transaction.

9. Stop Recording

When the dummy transaction has completed, open the Tag Assistant extension and select Stop Recording.

10. Open the Full Report

Click on the Show Full Report button:

11.  Check that cross domain tracking is working

Once in the full report, you will be able to check the session reports to ensure that the cross domain tracking is working properly.

If something went wrong during the session, Google Analytics will display an alert message like this:

To double-check, click on the URLs to expand the view sessions in the report. Then find the client ID in the report. 

The client ID can be found here:

You want to ensure that the same client ID (cid) is tracked on all available page sessions. You'll have to click on several URLs to expand all the view sessions to 

 If the same cid is tracked on all reported page sessions, then your cross-domain tracking is working!

If something went wrong, clear your cache and try again.