May 26, 2017 26

How to edit my richer content

How to make changes to your story

You've published your content and it looks great - but you want to make some changes. Or maybe you have a draft that you're ready to continue working on. No problem.

Find your content

Once you've signed into Maker, you'll be redirected to your Stories Manager where you can manage all of your live and draft stories.

If you have multiple teams connected to your account, ensure that you have the right team selected on the left hand side of the manager.

Select your content

Find and select the story you'd like to edit. Open the story by clicking on the Pencil icon that appears in the top right corner of the selected story.

If you accidentally open it with the view icon, you can switch to editing mode by selecting Edit Story on the top right of the editor.

Make your changes

Once you have your story open in the editing mode, you can make the desired changes. 

You can edit a story as many times as you like, regardless of whether it's a draft story or already published story.

Note: If you're editing an already posted story, you have to click Update once you're finished editing, otherwise your edits won't be saved.