May 26, 2017 45

How to edit my story

Editing stories

You've posted your story - and it looks great - but you want to make some changes. Or maybe you have a draft that you're ready to continue working on. No problem.

Find your story

To edit your story, sign-in to your account on and click on your profile avatar on the top right. Then, click on your name.

With your account page open, you will be able to view all of your live and draft content. 

Find and select the content you'd like to edit. Open the content by clicking on the Pencil icon that appears on the bottom right when you hover over the card. 

You can also switch to editing mode by selecting Edit Story on the top right once your story has opened.

Make your changes

Once you have the content open in the editing mode, you can make all of the necessary changes. 

If you've already published your content, you'll need to click Update in order to save your changes.

If you've edited a draft and are now ready to publish, hit Post in the top right corner of the editor to publish your content.