Aug 08, 2018 11

How to create a campaign

Creating a campaign

Maker's built-in testing and optimization tools enable you to easily create campaigns with multiple variants. 

First, select the story to which you'd like to add a campaign. Then click on More Options > * Options > + Create Campaign. 

Add Campaign Details

After clicking + Create Campaign, the campaign specific modal will appear. 

From the modal you can alter all of details of the test, including:

  • Variants included
  • Name of the campaign
  • Destination URL of the campaign
  • Cookie options (see more here)

When your details are complete click Save

Note: If the content is already live on your site, you'll need to re-copy and paste the embed code to include the campaign params. The only exception is if you're using Enhance, in which case you don't need to re-copy and paste the code.

Unique URLs

After saving the details of your campaign, you will be directed to a confirmation screen with the unique URLS for each variant.

Note: After the embed code is added to your page with the campaign, a variants dropdown menu will appear on the page to the left of the EDIT STORY button, from where you can also grab the unique variant URLS.