Apr 17, 2018 22

How to Copy/Paste style

Using Copy/Paste Style

Use our copy/paste style buttons to duplicate the style of textboxes, images and text. 


Apply the same size to all of the images in your grid using our copy/paste style buttons. Select the image whose size you'd like to replicate, click on 'Copy style', select another image and then click on 'Paste style'.


Copy the size, color and alignment of textboxes using the same copy and paste style buttons.

Click the textbox whose style you'd like to copy, select the 'Copy style' icon, click on a new textbox, and then select 'Paste style'.


Copy and pasting the style of text is a little trickier. Two important things to note:

  • You cannot copy the style of multiple text styles. Ex: if you have a textbox with H1 and H2 text, you cannot copy and paste the style of both H1 and H2 at the same time. 
  • Copy/Paste style will not copy any capital letters.
  • You must select the text you wish to copy or paste style.

Otherwise, the workflow is the same: