May 21, 2018 86

How to Copy/Paste element

Using Copy/Paste Element

To copy the style of textboxes, images or native text, you can use our copy/paste style buttons on the top left of your editor. 

But if you want to copy a complete element, like an image or textbox, you can use your device's normal copy and paste commands to duplicate the desired element in your story. 

To copy a single element, simply select the element in the editor and use your keyboard controls to copy and paste it in your story. 

Note: On a Mac, click CMD + C to copy and CMD + V to paste. On a PC, click CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste.

If you're using the Pro Layout Builder, you can also copy and paste multiple elements at a time. Simply multi-select the desired elements, and click on the Group option on the right side panel:

With the elements grouped, you can now copy and paste all of the selected elements at once.